Torng-Lin (Taffy) Chen

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Torng-Lin (Taffy) Chen

26, Adieu.


for some reason,

i feel obligated to document

how my body looks in the last days of being 26.

saying goodbye to 26 is difficult.

i’ve changed so much in this wonderful year.

people would argue if my changes are good.

but to me,

the most important thing is

that i’ve changed.

and that is it.

from now on,

i am living with a different version 

of me.

it is like the hardware is getting older,

but as an user

i still keep upgrading the software.

i accept that as this moment,

i am this version of software.

until the next upgrade.

the scars, 

the tan lines,

old or relatively new,

they are there,

when i am 26.

i want to say a proper goodbye to 26.

and thank it for being there

while i changed.

in few hours,

27 will be my new buddy.

i hope it will be as supportive as 26.

be strong with me.

and secretly cries with me

when no one sees us. 

changes with me.

be happy with me


if we change again.


happy birthday.


Torng-Lin (Taffy) Chen

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I’ve decided that the next time someone asks me 

"Why are you here? I thought you graduated~"

I’m going to respond with the following sentence

"Because I have an unhealthy attachment to the photography lab." 

- Richard Brautigan
Torng-Lin (Taffy) Chen
Hand Washed
Torng-Lin (Taffy) Chen
After Shower Only
Torng-Lin (Taffy) Chen
Mornings and Nights

Will Still Feel Lonely 陳綺貞

Already forgotten the feeling of missing you

Because of you occupy my heart every minute and every second.

Your every movement pulls the little gaps in my life.

Who can tell me

how free I will be after leaving you?

Thought about crawling into some other’s warm arms.

But it would be meaningless if I did so.

My high sentiment keeps on reminding me

After leaving you

No matter for how long

I will still feel lonely.

Don’t treat me extremely carefully.

Don’t let me look down on you.

Follow me

Keep walking bravely.

Don’t persuade me to change my mind.

This isn’t a cheap love.

Look at me

And tell me that you truly love me.



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